Both young and old, many can be self-conscious about the appearance of the neck area. They may complain that the neck looks too fleshly, or that it lacks definition and elasticity. Most refer to the problem as a “turkey neck”.

This can result from a variety of conditions whether from excess weight, a genetic predisposition, age, or even a medical explanation. A neck lift is a surgical procedure that restores a tight, youthful appearance to skin under the chin, jawline and neck area if it has lost elasticity and exhibits banding. It also corrects a heavy neck or double chin.

Keep in mind that this procedure will not rejuvenate the facial area. A neck lift can be performed alone, or in conjunction with other procedures including facelift and chin augmentation. Combined, these procedures can provide a complete facial makeover. A neck lift can even offer some the appearance of weight loss. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, the doctor utilizes the Harmonic® Scalpel in many neck lift surgeries, reducing downtime and recovery.

*Individual results may vary


*Individual Results May Vary

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