Brachioplasty Surgery (Arm Lift)

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Arm Lift Procedures

Available at L.A. Vinas

Brachioplasty Surgery, also known as an arm lift, helps to lift and bring youth back into sagging upper arm skin. Loose upper arm skin can be caused by simple aging, or by something more drastic like significant weight loss. Whatever the case may be, at L.A. Vinas we perform Brachioplasty Surgery with the best in the industry.


Causes of Sagging Arm Skin

When an individual gains weight, either suddenly or over time, the upper arms increase in size and circumference. As a result, your skin stretched to make room for the additional volume. When that weight is lost, your skin almost always loses elasticity, resulting in sagging “extra” skin, which can feel like it is detrimental to your overall appearance.

Upper arm skin sagging can also be the result of age. As a person ages, the elasticity of the skin decreases and muscle mass may reduce over time and it begins to loosen and sag. By undergoing an arm lift, or brachioplasty surgery, you can easily and quickly restore your skin’s elasticity. Depending on the severity, complexity, and amount of loose skin on your arms, some mild cases may only require laser “smart” liposuction to shrink the excess skin, but in most cases brachioplasty is the way to go! Our specialists are on call to help you decide the best procedure for your specific needs and desired outcome.

Causes of Sagging Arm Skin
For Your Brachioplasty

Choosing L.A. Vinas

For Your Brachioplasty

At L.A. Vinas, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performs your brachioplasty using the Harmonic® Scalpel, with incisions limited to the armpit area (limited incision arm lift for mild excess only), an incision that progresses to the mid-portion of the arm (limited incision arm lift for moderate excess), or an incision that progresses from the armpit to the elbow (a classical arm lift, for moderate to severe excess). Excess fat is removed by direct excision as well as with liposuction, and the excess skin is trimmed and re-draped. The incision line placement for an arm lift is made in the least conspicuous spot on the arm, most often at the lowest border of the arm.

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