Buttock Augmentation & Butt Lift (BBL)

at L.A. Vinas

Buttock Augmentation & Butt Lift

at L.A. Vinas

At L.A. Vinas, our South Florida Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, offers buttock augmentation and butt lift if you are looking to achieve a more beautiful, rounded, or firmly shaped backside. Also known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift”, many celebrities are fans of this procedure, and here in Florida where it is bikini season all year long, it may be just what you are looking for to bring your shape to the next level. Buttock augmentation uses fat transplant, and our specialists determine if you are a good candidate and what the procedure will look like for you.

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Fat Grafting Technique for Buttock Augmentation

At L.A. Vinas, we eliminate the need for implants. Instead, we use a fat grafting technique for buttock augmentation. Why? Because using this procedure produces a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result. It also allows for customized augmentation, concentrating on the areas that are most deficient and desire enhancement. Like with all of our procedures, we make sure that your buttock augmentation is customized precisely for your desired outcome, and we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Often, our experts suggest that your augmentation is coupled with a buttock lift to decrease sagginess and create a rounder, fuller look. Again, it depends on your specific needs and desired outcome.

Fat Grafting Technique for Buttock Augmentation
Free Silicone Removal with Buttock Lift

Available at L.A. Vinas

Free Silicone Removal with Buttock Lift

Many of our patients have previously gotten direct silicone or bio-polymer injections into their buttocks to enlarge them. Unfortunately, this procedure is illegal and can be hazardous to your tissue and overall well-being. There have even been cases where it caused infections and deformities. At L.A. Vinas, we take things one step further and specialize in free silicone removal together with a buttock lift to correct the deformity and make sure that everything is done properly.

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