Customized Anti-Acne Facial

Available at L.A. Vinas

Customized Anti-Acne Facials

Available at L.A. Vinas

Our customized anti-acne facial is a great option for anyone dealing with stubborn acne and ever-present pimples and blemishes. If you suffer from breakouts, you know that not all acne is the same. At L.A. Vinas Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, our approach is highly unique and built for your specific skin type. Our customized anti-acne facials are designed to help not just reduce the appearance of pimples and pigmentation on your face for the immediate future but for the long-term as well.

Acne Treatments Individualized to Your Skin

Result Expectations

Whether your acne is caused by high bacteria levels, hormonal changes, stress or is simply a reaction to the Florida environment, we will customize a facial to combat your acne. This treatment will include a deep cleanse, micro-scrub exfoliation, a combination of active ingredients such as AHA’s, that will help draw out impurities and prevent periodic or consistent breakouts.

Result Expectations

What to Expect

From Anti-Acne Facial Consultations

Acne goes far beyond the surface of the skin, and we take this into consideration for each facial that we do.
We start by discussing with you things like:

How long you have suffered from acne?
What seems to be the cause?
Any correlation between weather and acne?
Skin type?

After Your Initial Consultation

What to Expect

After Your Initial Consultation

After this comprehensive review and a look at your skin by our expert aestheticians, we work on a customized facial to bring any deep-set impurities to the surface of your skin and wash them away. Then, once they are completely removed, we start with treating your skin to prevent future acne breakouts and keep your skin glowing, healthy, and acne-free for a long time!

*individual results may vary



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