Breast Implants

Available at L.A. Vinas

Breast Implant Procedures

Available at L.A. Vinas

Breast implant surgery is a surgical procedure that is utilized to increase the sizing along with changing the shape and contour of the breasts. They can be used as a reconstructive method or for individuals who want to cosmetically enhance the appearance of their natural breasts. At L.A. Vinas, we have many years of experience helping individuals choose the breast implant option that best works for them. And, providing natural-looking results that last for many years.

Available at L.A. Vinas

Mentor® Breast Implants

At L.A. Vinas, our clinic offers Mentor® breast implants, which are a brand of breast implants that are designed with a patient-centered approach. Some benefits of Mentor® breast implants include:

Safety: Mentor® breast implants are tested thoroughly to ensure they are as safe as possible.

Natural Looking: Mentor® breast implants not only feel real, they look real. Furthermore, Mentor® breast implant procedures include breast tissue expanders for desired contour outcomes which also make breast implants look and feel more natural.

Longevity: Mentor® breast implants come with a lifetime warranty, so patients have peace of mind that their implants will last forever.

Mentor® Breast Implants

What to Expect With the Breast Implant Process

Scheduling Your Initial Breast Implant Consultation

Consultation: Before breast implant surgery, you will speak with your surgeon to go over whether or not you’re a good candidate, the type and size of implant you’re considering, what to expect as far as results, your reasons for considering breast implants, your history of cosmetic surgery, and the recovery process.

Procedure: During the procedure, you’ll be put under anesthesia so that you’re not awake and won’t feel a thing. Precise incisions will be made with certain placement (to reduce the appearance of scarring) in order to place the implants and expanders. Surgery typically lasts 1 to 2 hours.

Recovery: We can add Exparel (Bupivacaine), a non-opioid pain medication during your surgery, this medication will numb the area to relieve pain for days after surgery. Without Exparel patients may feel more discomfort for the first few days. Patients can experience swelling, bruising, after about a week, swelling and discomfort are reduced. Pain management solutions can be used including medications that your doctor will discuss with you. Patients are not recommended to be very active until after two weeks of recovery, so you’ll need to use your recovery time to rest.

Do you think you may be a good candidate for breast implants? Find out more about what to expect and your breast implant options from LA Vinas by scheduling your initial consultation.



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