HIVAMAT Massage Therapy (Lymphatic Drainage, Pre/Post Surgery)

Lymphatic Drainage Either Pre or Post Surgery

HIVAMAT Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Either Pre or Post Surgery

At L.A. Vinas, our expert team is pleased to offer HIVAMAT Massage Therapy. This specific massage therapy treatment is a unique form of massage that utilizes a device to deliver an oscillating and pulsating massage to your deep tissue.

This type of massage therapy treatment is highly effective in providing a range of benefits including increased circulation, reduced muscle tension, improved range of motion, and decreased pain and inflammation.

Since this massage therapy treatment is often used for lymphatic drainage the treatment is an excellent option for before and after surgery to help detoxify the body and kick-start the healing process. HIVAMAT Massage Therapy has also been proven to break up scar tissues and adhesions, which can then help achieve improved mobility and flexibility.

HIVAMAT Massage Treatments

Individualized Results

Overall, this form of massage therapy is widely regarded for its ability to quickly reduce pain and swelling. If you are looking for a natural way to manage pain and improve your physical well-being, HIVAMAT Massage Therapy may be an excellent option for you.

It is very important to note that no two HIVAMAT Massage Therapy treatments will look the same, as everyone’s lymphatic drainage system operates at different levels. At L.A. Vinas MD Medspa, we go above and beyond to adjust each and every one of our services, including the HIVAMAT Massage Therapy to fit the needs of each individual patient.

Our team is made up of professionals committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our patients. We take pride in offering a wide range of services to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to learn more about HIVAMAT Massage Therapy and how it can benefit you.

*Individual results may vary

Individualized Results


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