Vaginal rejuvenation has become more popular in the past several years. The doctor uses fillers and surgical techniques to modify the appearance, and in some cases the function, of the female genitalia.

Most cosmetic genital surgery is done as an outpatient. The procedures can take 1 to 2 hours. Most patients can undergo labiaplasty under sedation. The most popular form of genital plastic surgery is labia minora reduction, or labiaplasty. Significant anatomic variation exists among patients in the anatomy of the labia. Congenital absence of either or both labia minora can be present, and vaginal deliveries can tear or distort anatomy. With age and pregnancy, the posterior labia minora tissue may become thin, giving the anterior labia a bulkier appearance.

Labia majora reduction is another common procedure. The outer lips of the vulva become deflated and lax with age, pregnancy, and weight loss. Labia majora aging appears to be similar to facial aging, with cosmetic deterioration being caused by loss of deep subcutaneous fat, collagen degradation, and hormonal fatty redistribution. With decreased projection of the majora outside of the minora, the minora actually appears to protrude more. Options for improvement include shrinking the skin envelope, direct excision, radiofrequency heat or replacing lost subcutaneous volume (such as with fat grafting, filler injections, or collagen stimulators). Just as we treat the face, neck or breasts for sagging and age deterioration, the labias can benefit from a lift.

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