Body lift surgery is especially beneficial for patients who have undergone stomach stapling (or bariatric surgery) or those left with an excess of loose and sagging skin due to extreme weight loss or massive deflation caused by liposuction. Body lift surgery combines a tummy tuck and a thigh lift while also addressing the buttocks and overall tightening of the central region of the body. The Harmonic┬« Scalpel is used in this procedure resulting in less swelling, less drainage, and less pain, redefining the recovery period. The doctor will control any discomfort you may feel with the use of pain pumps, delivering numbing medication to the surgical site for up to four days post op for a more comfortable recovery.

As a renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, he has the compassion, skill, and experience to work with you to develop a unique body contouring cosmetic surgery schedule. He can help achieve a natural look that may not have been possible through diet and exercise. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

*Individual results may vary

Individual results may vary

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