Nipple and Skin Sparing Breast Reconstruction

Available at L.A. Vinas

Nipple and Skin Sparing Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Available at L.A. Vinas

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Amid the daunting battle against the threat to their lives, the prospect of losing their breasts can be profoundly traumatic. For women with a family history of breast cancer or those who carry the gene, an uncertain future looms, and prophylactic treatment may become a viable consideration. The doctor empowers women with the choice to not only combat cancer or reduce the risk of future onset but also to regain their sense of beauty and confidence.

The Procedure

No More Need for Multiple Breast Surgeries to Reconstruct Breasts

For individuals facing breast cancer or considering preventive measures, the prospect of breast reconstruction can be intimidating during an already challenging time. Traditionally, this process has entailed multiple surgeries, often yielding suboptimal results, including multiple scars and breast deformities. However, here at LA Vinas, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vinas, has dedicated extensive time and expertise to develop techniques that eliminate the need for this traumatic series of surgeries. The result is a groundbreaking single-stage immediate reconstruction, often offering the option of preserving the skin and nipple.

What to Expect

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

This innovative surgery is performed in tandem with your general surgeon during the mastectomy, all within a single stage. You wake up with a fully reconstructed breast, eliminating the need for tissue expanders. Our surgeon utilizes Surgimend, a product that serves as a protective “pocket” for the implant. Over time, this collagen-based material melds with your own tissue, eventually becoming entirely replaced by collagen produced by your body. This approach yields the most natural-looking breasts, occasionally enhancing and restoring their appearance to a state even better than before surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Benefits of Nipple and Skin Sparing Breast Reconstruction Surgery

With this technique, you no longer need to fear post-surgery breast disfigurement. In many cases, your breasts not only regain their natural appearance but also appear fuller and more lifted, all with minimal to no visible scars. Dr. Vinas also specializes in reduced-scar breast reductions & lifts, breast augmentation, and immediate single-stage nipple and skin sparing reconstructions.



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