The reasons for having breast enhancement surgery are numerous and varied. Some women feel that their breast size may be disproportionate to their body shape, while others may be seeking to turn the clock back to the effects of age and gravity. Or in some cases, a lack of symmetry, lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, coping with missing or misshapen breasts as a result of trauma or disease can create the desire to undergo a breast augmentation. If you are considering breast enlargement or enhancement, he will spend time with you to review breast implant possibilities. Sagging, asymmetry, width, nipple size and shape, cleavage and several other determining factors are all taken into consideration when selecting the right breast implant.

Breast implant surgery offers immediate breast enlargement to the size and shape you desire. As a top Palm Beach breast augmentation specialist, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon offers memory gel implants, the choice for natural looking breasts, and an exclusive anesthetic pump recovery option for your comfort. You can add volume to your breasts and curves to your profile all within a single procedure. He also performs reduced-scar breast reductions and lifts and immediate single-stage nipple and skin sparing reconstructions.

 *individual results may vary

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