Until now, women have had very few options for correcting inverted nipples. Reverter, created by the doctor, is a device used for inverted nipple treatment by using one simple stitch to permanently restore the nipple. The procedure is done at the office with local anesthesia. The Reverter device is placed on the outside of the nipple and left in place for 5 days. A traditional bra can be worn, and daily activities may be performed as usual. After the 5 days, the stitch and device are removed and the nipple is restored permanently.

Inverted nipples can be an embarrassing condition that can make breastfeeding difficult, if not impossible. The doctor is presently studying the procedure in pregnant women. When the inverted nipple is fixed in the first trimester it gives the mother the best chance to breastfeed six months later. Although it has worked in most pregnant women who want to breastfeed, studies are still underway. In all non-expecting women, the results have had 100% satisfaction from patients.

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