South Florida Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, the doctor, offers buttock augmentation for those who desire a more beautiful, rounded, or firmly shaped backside. Celebrities who have a round and bountiful derrière are featured all over the media these days, and we are seeing an increase in those who desire this shapelier look. If you have been overly self-conscious about your body, you may be a candidate for buttock augmentation using fat transplantation.

He eliminates the need for implants by using the fat grafting technique for buttock augmentation. It provides for a more natural and aesthetic result, also allowing for customized augmentation, concentrating in the areas that are most deficient and desire enhancement. Many times the augmentation is coupled with a buttock lift to decrease sagginess and create a rounder, fuller look.

Free Silicone Removal w/ Lift

Many patients have gotten direct silicone or bio-polymer injections into their buttocks to enlarge them. It is illegal as well as hazardous to the tissue. It can cause infections and deformities. I specialize in free silicone removal together with a buttock lift to correct the deformity. I use the patients own tissue to auto augment the upper buttock after the cleanup. Not many doctors do it.    

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