What's Involved with a Neck Lift?

What's Involved with a Neck Lift?

Most people correlate wrinkles and gray hair with an aging appearance, but the neck is one of the first places to show age. Do changes like “turkey neck,” vertical bands, and fatty creases make you self-conscious about your appearance? 

neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and fat around your neck for a more youthful appearance. Luis A. Viñas and his team at LA Viñas Plastic Surgery offer neck lifts to people living in Florida who want to dramatically improve their jawline.

Introduction: What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a major surgery with the goal of improving visible signs of aging in the neck. It’s used to reduce sagging skin, wrinkles, and fat deposits in the neck area. Neck lift surgery can help to restore a more youthful appearance and give you a more defined jawline.

Neck lift surgery can treat:

Dr. Viñas starts the procedure by administering anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Next, he makes small incisions around your ears and under the chin before carefully lifting your muscles to remove excess skin and fat. Lastly, he closes the incisions and wraps your neck in a dressing.

Identifying the right candidates for neck lift surgery

Getting older is a normal part of life. While there’s nothing wrong with a sagging neck, many wish to improve it: 160,000 neck lifts were performed across the United States in 2020.

Deciding to undergo neck lift surgery is a personal decision and should only be done for you. You might be a good candidate for a neck lift surgery if you:

All cosmetic surgeries are best performed when you have a full understanding of what the procedure can accomplish. The best way to see if a neck lift is for you is by meeting with Dr. Viñas for a consultation.

What to expect after your procedure

Neck lift surgery itself takes about 1.5 hours, but the recovery process can take weeks. You must have vacation days to use and a friend or family member that can help during your recovery.

Neck lifts are an outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll be sent home immediately following. You’ll likely be groggy from the anesthesia and leave our office with a tight bandage around your neck and a drainage tube. 

One of the most important parts of the healing process is keeping your head above your heart so you can ensure the best results from your surgery. This includes sleeping with your head propped up or sleeping in a chair. It’s important to get as much rest as you can during your recovery process and to restrain from physical activity even if you feel up for it.

Bruising, swelling, and tightness are all expected during your recovery and Dr. Viñas may prescribe some pain medication to help make your healing easier. Most patients need two weeks to heal before returning to work with the full results revealed in 1-3 months.

Start loving your neck again today — contact us to book your neck lift consultation.

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