You Don’t Have to Live with Inverted Nipples

October 1, 2021 L.A. Vinas
You Don’t Have to Live with Inverted Nipples

Breasts are a sign of femininity. Throughout your life, you’ve probably noticed many changes that have happened to your breasts. One of the most undesirable changes that can happen to your breasts is nipple inversion.

An inverted nipple is when your nipple is flat or points inwards. Whether you were born with inverted nipples or it occurred later on, there is generally no reason for concern. But if you’re bothered by the appearance of one or both inverted nipples, just know you can do something about it.

With three locations in Florida, L.A. Vinas Plastic Surgery provides Reverter as a safe way to improve the appearance of your breasts and make breastfeeding possible.

Why it happens

An inverted nipple can happen in one or both of your breasts. No one wants to have an inverted nipple. However, it happens to 2-10% of women and many men, too.

Congenital inversion is when you have inverted nipples since birth. Despite what many people think, inverted nipples are a normal breast shape. However, many people are bothered by their inverted nipples and choose a more desirable shape.

Acquired inversion happens when the nipple points inward later in life. It may indicate that your breast tissue is inflamed or there is another underlying health issue. Medical conditions that cause nipple inversion include:

  • An abscess under the areola
  • Mastitis
  • Duct ectasia
  • Breast cancer
  • Complications from breast surgery

If one or both nipples invert in a short time, you should see a doctor.

What can be done

In the past, there were very few options for nipple correction surgery. This left many women insecure about the appearance of their nipples. Some expecting mothers aren’t able to breastfeed because their inverted nipples made it very uncomfortable.

Created by a doctor, Reverter is a revolutionary device that permanently restores your nipple. Luis Vinas, MD, administers local anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Using a single stitch, Dr. Vinas reconstructs the nipple direction and places over your nipple a Reverter device, which is left on for five days.

There is no downtime associated with the procedure and the aftercare just requires you to wear the device for five days. The device can be hidden by a normal bra and you can resume work and everyday activities. After the fifth day, the device and stitches are removed, and the nipple will be restored with an outward-pointing shape.

Comfort for you

We all have insecurities. Some of us are bothered by emotional insecurities, while others are hindered by physical insecurities. If you’re one of the many women who want to improve their inverted nipples, Dr. Vinas can help you restore their shape in no time.

Improving your nipple shape can help make you more comfortable with your own body. It can restore your confidence and allow you to wear tight-fitting tops and swimming suits, and look better nude.

Not only can Reverter improve comfort in your own life, but in your child’s life, too. If you’re planning to have kids, Reverter can allow you to breastfeed your little one. Breastfeeding has endless health benefits and improves the connection between you and your newborn.

You don’t have to live with inverted nipples. Contact us today to see what Reverter can do for you.

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