The Non-Invasive Advantage of SculpSure

January 17, 2017 L.A. Vinas
The Non-Invasive Advantage of SculpSure

Non-invasive fat-reduction procedures offer a number of benefits, both during the procedure and during your recovery period. They significantly decrease the chance of causing damage to the body and excessive bleeding. They also make the recovery period much shorter and less uncomfortable, since there are no incisions or major areas that need to heal.

SculpSure makes reducing body fat simple, quick, and pain-free. The treatment uses highly focused laser energy to induce hyperthermic fat reduction, a form of lipolysis that uses heat to break down and eliminate fat cells. SculpSure utilizes flexible applicators that are placed on the body to emit the laser energy, meaning there are no incisions or injections. The treatment can provide noticeable fat reduction across multiple areas of your body.

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