Steps to Take When Preparing for a Face Lift Procedure

December 19, 2023 L.A. Vinas
Steps to Take When Preparing for a Face Lift Procedure

Scheduling a face lift procedure, like the V-Lift available at L.A. Vinas from Dr. Vinas, is an exciting time as you await your desired results. As you count down the days until your surgery, you may be wondering what you can do before and after your procedure to ensure you get the best results and have the best recovery possible. Certainly, your surgeon will let you know what you need to be doing to ensure the best chance of success. And, you should take this advice and utilize it to the fullest. However, it can be helpful to be reminded of what you can be doing before and after your face lift procedure so that you can start preparing now.

Some things you can do when preparing for an upcoming face lift procedure include:

Eat Healthy Before and After Surgery

Eating nutritious meals and healthy foods can help you both before and after your surgery. This is because your body will need to be fueled with the nutrients it needs in order to aid the immune system in recovery. Therefore, eating foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals will help you recover faster.

Make Steps to Arrange for Your Recovery

One thing that you can do before your surgery to ensure that your recovery period goes well is to set up your home and schedule for recovery. Recovery from a face lift can range between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the age and health of a patient. So, you should make sure that your home is a safe and comfortable place for your recovery. This can mean setting up comfortable areas with lots of pillows to relax on while you rest. And, even freezing some meals to make life easier for you so that you won’t have to get up and cook while you’re recovering. It can also be helpful to ask friends and family to come by on a schedule in order to help you and check in on you to see if you need anything. And, of course, you’ll have lots of downtime during your recovery as you’ll need to take it easy – so don’t forget to pay your Netflix subscription!

Get Your Medications Set Up

During the recovery period, you’ll be able to utilize medications to help you manage pain. Talk with your doctor about over-the-counter medications you can use and how often you can use these. Get these medications from your nearby pharmacy so that you’ll have them on hand after your procedure. Furthermore, your doctor may also prescribe you medications to take. If possible, work to get these prescriptions filled before your surgery so that they are on hand and ready to go. Finally, make sure to talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking before your surgery. And, determine whether or not you should be taking these medications up to the date of your procedure or after the procedure as some medications may have adverse effects on recovery.

Have More Questions About What to do Before and After a Facelift?

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