Plastic Surgery Needs to Differ for Men and Women

May 8, 2013 L.A. Vinas
Plastic Surgery Needs to Differ for Men and Women

Aging with a partner is part of life, as we tend to marry, build a family and watch it grow over the decades. While grey hairs and achy backs are a shared sign of aging for both men and women, men and women don’t always have the same experiences overall. Genetics may play a part, but there are definitely certain inherent differences that males and females will notice as they grow older, which are addressed differently by plastic surgery procedures and techniques.

For starters, women will typically see finer lines on their faces, around their eyes (crow’s feet) and mouth (laugh lines). While there is not typically a distinct change in jaw line, they often experience sagging skin around the neck.

Men experience diminished chins moreso than women, as well as sagging skin around the neck.

For both men and women, fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be treated with Botox or other soft tissue fillers. The locations of the injections depend on the location of the wrinkles, which always varies among men and women. Facelifts are also effective, as they tighten skin around the face and jawline for both sexes.

Men with diminished chins often choose to undergo chin implants, which help to square out the jaw line, and loose skin around the neck can be addressed with a neck lift procedure.

Plastic surgery for men has risen in popularity over the past few years, as social ideas of acceptance have increased. More and more, doctors and psychiatrists are discovering men’s interest and acceptance of plastic surgery and rising to the trend to provide advice and operations. Couples plastic surgery is also an emerging trend, as the past few years have seen an increase in partners going under the knife together.

If you are interested in treating your signs of aging, scheduling a consultation is advised. Dr. Vinas is an experienced South Florida plastic surgeon who works closely with his patients to achieve the best results for his and her needs. If you are considering couples plastic surgery, it is important to remember that each party schedule his and her own consultation, as they needs of each patient are different.

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