Drooping Nasal Tip – Palm Beach Rhinoplasty

March 23, 2016 L.A. Vinas
Drooping Nasal Tip – Palm Beach Rhinoplasty

A drooping nasal tip can make the nose look like a downwardly curving hook. It can make women appear more masculine and can have a strong effect on the overall aesthetic balance of the face. For decades, plastic surgeons have been resolving issues like these with rhinoplasty surgery.

The tip of the nose gets its shape and position from two nasal structures called the lower lateral cartilages, or LLCs. These structures connect to the septum. If they are loosely connected, this causes a drooping nasal tip.

Another potential reason for this condition, also called ptotic tip, is having too much cartilage in the tip area. Finally, having a longer-than-normal septum or larger-than-normal upper lateral cartilages can push lower cartilages forward, creating the drooping effect.

Nasal recontouring is a precise task that requires a skilled plastic surgeon. To discuss the rhinoplasty procedure with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Luis Vinas and learn more about drooping nasal tip correction, contact our Palm Beach office for a consultation.

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