Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, the doctor, has the ability to perform a unique reconstruction that is revolutionizing prophylactic and diagnosed breast cancer surgical care. Spending years developing other techniques to bypass the traditional traumatic mastectomy reconstructive series of surgeries, the doctor has perfected a single stage breast reconstruction, and in most cases with the choice of a skin and nipple-sparing option.

Breast reconstruction can be a daunting thought during a difficult time. Until now, it has involved multiple surgeries with substandard results including scars and deformities on the breast. By engaging both your plastic surgeon and your general surgeon to work together from onset diagnosis, patients can eliminate the need for multiple surgeries and the use of tissue expanders. During this single-stage reconstruction, the breast tissue is removed, while at the same time the skin and nipples are spared, often enhancing the breast to a more natural, youthful and lifted appearance.

Hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed every year with breast cancer. While fighting the overwhelming fear for their lives, the loss of the breasts can be traumatic. For women who have a family history of breast cancer or carry the gene, that can mean an uncertain future, prophylactic treatment may be an option. The doctor has given women the option to feel beautiful and confident, while eliminating the cancer or possible chance of future onset.

This innovative surgery is performed in conjunction with a general surgeon during the mastectomy. Eliminating the need for tissue expanders, the doctor uses a product called Surgimend®, which acts as a “pocket” for the implant. The collagen product will eventually incorporate with one’s own tissue and become completely replaced with collagen from the body. The doctor has been perfecting this procedure for over 10 years with great success, with a uniquely developed technique that no one else performs. The doctor also uses Harmonic® Technology, providing patients with a more comfortable recovery and less downtime.

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