Every few years a new technology comes along that revolutionizes the skincare industry forever. In 2014, that innovation is called Vectorize Technology™. Available exclusively from Image Skincare, Vectorize Technology™ utilizes up to 100 layers of active ingredients such as stem cells and peptides into sphere-like molecular structures. Once applied to the skin, the encapsulated ingredients are time-released, layer after layer, offering deeper product penetration for a prolonged period of time while delivering unparalleled results.


Regenica® with MRCx™ next-generation growth factor technology is designed to stimulate your skin’s natural repair and renewal mechanisms. Clinical studies show that when used consistently, Regenica® improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores, evens out skin tone appearance, and reveals a more radiant complexion.



Liv-Skin is a product recommended by the doctor. The Caviartic 3 Complex formula is revolutionary in the way that it uses natural ingredients to natural stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production. The secret to reducing wrinkles and achieving a smoother, fuller complexion is to stimulate collagen production naturally.


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