At our premier South Florida Med Spa, the doctor recommends HIVAMAT, a lymphatic drainage massage therapy, to achieve optimum healing for all post-operative patients. The benefits of HIVAMAT include:

  • Alleviate post-surgical edema.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Detoxify the body by stimulating the lymphatic system’s filtering process by helping to reverse the build-up of toxins due to the effects of medication and lack of physical activity.
  • Stimulate the immune system to prevent post-surgical infection.
  • Improve skin regeneration and wound healing.
  • Reduce the formation and severity of scars.

    For best results, we recommend beginning this type of massage therapy 24 hours after surgery and continuing 2-3 times per week for six sessions. We also offer rentable take home units, so treatments may be done in the privacy of your own home if desired. Our massage therapists are specially trained and certified in lymphatic drainage massage to achieve the optimum benefits. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

    At the L.A. Viñas Med Spa, we also offer deep tissue and Swedish Massages upon request.

*Individual results may vary

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