Cellulite got you Bothered? Battle it with a Thigh Lift!

July 24, 2013 L.A. Vinas
Cellulite got you Bothered? Battle it with a Thigh Lift!

Many people can become frustrated with cellulite – no matter where it is found on the body. But most all people who struggle with cellulite on the inner or outer thighs have searched for an answer somewhere down the line of their lives. From working out to dieting and body wraps, the options are aplenty, but not all options work for everyone. Dr. Vinas has perfected the art of helping men and women sculpt their inner thighs back into the smooth, supple thighs of their youth. By using the Harmonic Scalpel, he has paired liposuction with a lift to produce superior results.

The inner thighs are typically affected with loss of firmness before the outer thighs. Along with the loss of tightness of skin, the area also tends to be an area of fat collection, for women especially. While liposuction has been a popular option for those wanting to smooth out the dimples; if it is performed on an area with loose skin or cellulite, it can produce worse results if it is not paired with a lift. The lift usually involves both liposuction and the removal of excess skin from the inner or outer thigh, or both.

Dr. Vinas believes a thigh lift is the best option for those who have lost weight in efforts to eliminate cellulite. By using the Harmonic Scalpel, he ensures each patient procedure results in less swelling, less drainage and an easier recovery period. His thigh lift has changed the lives of many, offering patients the opportunity to step out into the world with confidence again.

For more information on the benefits of pairing liposuction with a thigh lift, please visit www.lavinasmd.com, or call us at 561.655.3305 for a consultation. We look forward to discovering how Dr. Vinas can help you love your legs again.

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