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How a Breast Lift Works to Perk Up Your Chest Without Implants

Breasts are a symbol of femininity. You might have noticed your breasts don’t sit in the same way that they once did in your 20s. Factors like age, childbirth, and weight loss may have caused your breasts to sink. Some women notice their areolas have also enlarged and now point downwards.

Having a beautiful chest is more than just the size — perky breasts are a sign of youth and vitality. Breast lifts are a surgical procedure to restore a more desirable chest shape by redefining your breast tissue in a higher-sitting position. Over 150,000 breast lift procedures were performed in 2018.

L.A. Viñas Plastic Surgery, with three locations in Florida, provides breast lifts to patients who want to boost their confidence and redefine their curves.

Causes of sagging breasts

Your breasts are composed of fatty tissue and ligaments. Over time, these ligaments sag and stretch out causing the breasts to droop. Skin laxity in your breasts can also lead to deflated-looking breasts.

Factors that may contribute to saggy breasts include:

Many factors contribute to sagging breasts which make it impossible to prevent them entirely.

How a breast lift is done

Breast lifts are done in a variety of different ways depending on your breast size and shape, the degree of sagging, and your skin quality. During your breast lift procedure, Luis A Viñas, MD will first go over the surgery and answer any questions you may have. 

Then, local anesthesia is given to you so you can stay comfortable during your procedure. Depending on the severity of your breast sagging, one of two incisions will be made — a lollipop or periareolar incision. 

Next, Dr. Viñas lifts and reshapes your breast tissue in a more desirable shape. He will reposition your areolas to a higher position and if needed, he will reduce them to a smaller size. Any excess breast tissue will be removed to give a tighter and perkier look.

Lastly, Dr. Viñas tightens the remaining skin and closes the incisions.

Minimal scars

Any surgery that requires incisions has the chance of leaving a scar. Dr. Viñas is recognized for his expert technique throughout the country, hiding most of the incision lines in the natural contours of your body. 

Periareolar incisions may offer less scarring since they are made with tiny holes on the outer edge of the areola. However, Dr. Viñas will decide on the best incision option for your unique body. Your incision lines will fade over time and become much less noticeable.

Natural-looking results

Many women want a more youthful chest but are happy with their breast size. A breast lift focuses on giving your chest a more vivacious look rather than changing your cup size. This offers more natural-looking results than breast augmentation.

A breast lift can be paired with breast augmentation for women who want a perkier look while also gaining volume. It can also be paired with a breast reduction or nipple reconstruction surgery. 

Breast lifts provide many benefits, like:

Boost your confidence with a breast lift today. Contact us to schedule your breast lift consultation.

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