3 Popular Benefits of Labiaplasty

3 Popular Benefits of Labiaplasty

The bond between two partners is a special connection unlike any other. Sex is one of the most intimate, gratifying, and sensual experiences of human existence. But do concerns about your vulva prevent you from truly being confident in the bedroom?

If yes, you are not alone — nearly half of women have concerns about their vulva, with a majority being worried about the size. On top of lowering your self-esteem, a vulva with extra skin can cause painful sex, leading to problems for you and your partner. 

If you’re ready to improve the appearance of your vulva, you might consider labiaplastyL.A. Viñas Plastic Surgery, with three locations in Florida, provides labiaplasty to women who want to improve the look and feel of their vulva. 

Here are three benefits of the procedure to help you decide if it's right for you.

How it works

Labiaplasty, also called vaginal rejuvenation, is a surgery that alters the vaginal lips for a more desirable appearance. More than 10,000 labiaplasty procedures are performed in the United States every year. While it’s major surgery, it’s also a predictable surgery that Luis Viñas M.D. performs regularly.

Dr. Viñas generally completes the outpatient procedure in two hours. The surgery looks different for everyone, but usually involves modifying the labia minora (inner lips), labia majora (outer lips) or a combination of both. 

While most women opt for a labiaplasty for cosmetic concerns, the procedure is deemed medically necessary if your labia gets tucked in or folded during sex.


Cosmetic surgeries are on the rise with more and more people opting to improve concerns about their bodies. Labiaplasty is one of them, with many women undergoing the procedure after noticing body changes from childbirth. Here are three of the most popular benefits of a labiaplasty:

1 Boosted confidence in the bedroom

If you’re unhappy with your body’s appearance, it can make it hard to enjoy sex. An enlarged or elongated vulva is caused by:

Labiaplasty can help you regain confidence by giving you a more aesthetically pleasing vulva. Around 91% of patients who received the procedure reported that it effectively enhanced their genital appearance and sexual satisfaction.

When you opt for labiaplasty, you’re administered general or local anesthesia to help keep you comfortable during your procedure. Using a laser or scalpel, Dr. Viñas removes excess skin and reshapes the vaginal tissue for a more appealing shape. Then he administers dissolvable sutures that are safely absorbed by your body as you heal.

2 Improved comfort

Do you avoid wearing leggings and tight-fitting clothing? Many women with enlarged vulvas feel embarrassed wearing fitted bottoms because it hugs their curves. Not only can it be embarrassing, but uncomfortable or even painful. 

Labiaplasty eliminates extra skin, providing a sleeker vulva that looks better in clothes but without them, too. By removing excess skin, you also improve your intimate hygiene by eliminating unnecessary bacteria pockets. Many women find their vulva is much easier to cleanse after a labiaplasty, allowing them to feel more comfortable 24/7.

3 Quick recovery

The choice to undergo a labiaplasty is a personal decision and should only be done for you. If you're like most who undergo a labiaplasty, you probably don’t want the world knowing you had it done. Luckily, the recovery is quick, and no one will know you had the procedure unless you tell them.

Most patients can return to their normal activities in 1-2 weeks. During the first couple of days after your procedure, you’ll notice some swelling and discomfort, which can be eased with pain medication like Tylenol, or Dr. Viñas may prescribe something stronger. Dr. Viñas prescribes an antibiotic to be taken for 5-10 days, to help prevent any infections and to ensure proper healing.

It’s important to get plenty of rest and to keep pressure off of the treated area by laying on your back instead of sitting. After three days, going for walks is allowed, but you must avoid strenuous exercise for at least four weeks. 

To ensure proper healing, you need to abstain from sexual activity for at least six weeks. While this may seem like a long time, most patients are happy with their results and think the procedure was worth the wait. 

Enhance your body today with labiaplasty — contact us to learn more today.

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