If you and Dr. Viñas see fit, a Liquid Facelift might be just what the doctor ordered to restore a more youthful look to the face. In recent years, we have found the true effects of treating wrinkles with injectables and dermal fillers such as Botox, Juvederm, Xeomin, Radiesse, and Belotero, we have noticed an accompanying benefit. As these procedures are performed with particular products and with certain injection techniques, facial features exhibited a gentle lift.

Dr. Luis A. Viñas has refined his techniques to focus on lifting and contouring, with an ancillary benefit of wrinkle reduction. This has spawned a somewhat revolutionary new approach in treating sagging facial features, which is now known as a Liquid Facelift. Fillers can be used in the brow area, around the eyes (periorbital), in the lines around the mouth (perioral), cheeks, and the lips to fill in where fat has naturally diminished over time and give the face a more voluminous look.

A non-surgical Liquid Facelift can be performed to accomplish any of the following:

  • Gentle lift of individual (or overall) facial features.
  • Reduced wrinkles, creases or folds.
  • Restoration of natural curved facial contours such as cheeks and brows.
  • A more rested, energetic look.
  • A friendlier smile.
  • A Liquid Facelift can be done in the office with topical numbing cream.


*Individual results may vary

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